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Meet Temel Karango

A writer, speaker, lecturer, entrepreneur, and director of Self Centered Society.

Get to Know Us

As founder & director of Self Centered Society (SCS), Temel Karango (TK) has already coached many people ranging from celebrities to community leaders. People who have been exposed to TK's impactful teachings or SCS's platform have discovered their internal & external instruments or tools to reshape their entire lives & those around them majorly.

TK leans heavily on his dedicated team at SCS which pulls from a wide range of subject experts. They all have unique life experiences that qualify them as light-walkers.

What the SCS team brings to the world is a rare opportunity to centralize ourselves (bring back to center) as individuals and a new way to mobilize (impactfully move) our society & culture and bring real change to people worldwide from all walks of life.


Temels Story

Since he was a young boy, TK's resilience over trauma presented early signs of his life's purpose. It seems he was destined at transforming people's lives as he became a young minister. Later on, as a pastor, he discovered extreme boundaries in bringing the best spiritual & life change to the people he taught. 


TK experienced deeper truths beyond the learned traditional histories and he had an inner paradigm shift exposing the limitations of his western beliefs. He was later transformed and then he influenced many others' transformations to unimagined new heights moving "beyond the doctrines."

Now, TK and the SCS team are housed with master keys to SELF-awakening and mastery. The SCS organization's maxim is that "I am the SELF, the SELF is ALL, and All is ONE, SEE SELF.


In his new book, The SELF, and his online course called a New Canvas, he shows you how to access the inner door to the unexplored frontiers of the SELF.

  • We awaken our members to unparalleled mental & spiritual awareness that gives mastery over their emotions, thoughts, and words that affect the quality and direction of their lives.​

  • We use unconventional spiritual wisdom coupled with contemporary power psychology that affords us life hacks to the SELF for powerful SELF-enhancement. ​

  • We provide typically inaccessible life-empowering resources that impact the quality & fortune of our members.

Super Powers

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