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"The kingdoms and multiverses within the soul of the SELF, are unexplored frontiers for the sleep."



Most would think of the term self-centered as a person who is egotistical, selfish, or preoccupied with oneself and one's affairs. Temel Karango, aware of the negative meaning that this phrase carries, redefined the meaning when forming his life strategy empowerment organization. TK coined self-centered's new meaning simply as “centering one’s self." 

Self-Centered Society NFP (SCS) is a non for profit whose primary goal for its members and communities is to enhance their lives by providing tools that are commonly inaccessible demographically. Not only does SCS provide an alternative spiritual and philosophical perspective, but we educate on the importance of who we are as humans and provide resources that we need to empower humanity.   


SCS has put subject experts in place that perform in complex, multifaceted, and sophisticated ways. Our experts range from psychologists for mental health & empowerment; to sociologists to address social media benefits & pitfalls. Our law program has dedicated attorneys who assist with cases like probate, taxes, criminal defense, etc. Our members have access to our attorney’s educational portal and classes that inform on crucial and general aspects of the law.  


SCS offers holistic healers to teach herbal science, medicine, and breathing. Nutritionists assist in bringing our members' and communities' bodies back to center and wholeness.   


SCS provides tutoring in math, science, and technology. We have an apprenticeship program with specialties in trades that range from general contracting, construction, and electrical to journalism, directing, engineering and media. We've enlisted financial specialists who give financial advice and teach financial literacy.


SCS remains dedicated to placing a high premium on all forms and expressions of art. We use expert artists and celebrities in the entertainment industry to introduce the highest mastered skills to our most desiring, passionate, and talented members.  


This overview is not exhaustive of what SCS offers but encompasses our mission. SCS is interested in practical and creative ways to enhance the knowledge of SELF to its members and the world.  




Baheru M, Nevada

TK, since we first met you were awakening the sleep masses of our people. May the Ancestors strengthen you to complete your great work. As I have imparted some Meri traditions to you, I have also learned so much from you. Grateful for you being you. 

Geremie A, Florida

Since meeting my big bro TK my entire spiritual life has changed. I was stubbornly defending my learned doctrines but TK's approach disarmed me and guided me to my current enlightenment. Grateful for your light big bro.

OsunRemi, Louisianna

My dear brother TK, you walked and guided me as I was able to find my true enlightenment. I am now even further than I could have ever imagined and I have discovered the knowledge of self and my Ancestors. I have you to thank for that. I appreciate all that you do.
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