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UpGrades is exactly what it sounds like, a platform that influences students to up their grades. Temel Karango once a teenage drop out, superseded and surprised his peers, when he came back and graduated top of his class with a 4.0 GPA. How did he do this you may ask? By believing in his self with what he later created as The SELF, The Secret Empowering Life Force.


TK applied his SELF method in all that he did, from studying, to even hanging out with his friends. Sharing his struggling past with students, showing his ability to push through and pull himself out of an environment of drugs and violence, has been his specialty. Students faced with day to day challenges, or growing up against all odds, can relate and see a way out just from hearing TK's passion, speaking about conquering his difficult past and overwhelming distractions. 


TK now dedicates his time to encourage students school to school about the importance of SELF, and to increase students neurological abilities (brain power) for success, which he calls NEU Levels. NEU Levels allows students to see through exercises their strengths and skills in real time. UpGrades provides a platform and tools that will transform students lives for years to come. 

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