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Are you
Self Centered?


ost would think of the term self centered as a person who is egotistical, selfish, or preoccupied with oneself and one's affairs. Temel Karango, aware of the negative meaning that this phrase carries, redefined the meaning when forming his life strategy empowerment organization. TK coined self centered's new  meaning simply as “centering one’s self".  

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Self Centered Society is a foundation whose mission is to serve those who have been rattled by their religious and historical beliefs. Self Centered Society provides tested spiritual and historical insights that guide the participant in a self-discovery and transformation that actualizes one’s powerful life’s purpose; it is a landing pad for those who need an alternative to their traditional western religious experience.


Baheru M.


TK, since we first met you were awakening the sleep masses of our people. May the Ancestors strengthen you to complete your great work. As I have imparted some Meri traditions to you, I have also learned so much from you. Grateful for you being you bro. 

Maria R.


TK, I am so grateful and blessed to have you in my life! You even educated me on Mexico's past which gave me a deeper understanding of my culture. I'm legit blown away, the mind f*%K  of the Bible and Eurepeans to enslave. How do we NOT teach this?!?! God is within, we are not born"bad." Thank you a million times!

Peniel M.


Temel is one of the most inteligent people I know. His life's journey is both intriguing and impacting. I struggled with similar philosophical and spiritual issues as he, and I find his awakening to be life changing for me. He has a magical wisdom!  

Geremie A.


Since meeting my big bro TK my entire spiritual life has changed. I was stubbornly defending my learned doctrines but TK's approach disarmed me and guided me to my current enlightenment. Grateful for your light big bro. 



My dear brother TK, when I 1st met you I was studying in seminary school and you encouraged me to continue. You then walked and guided me as I was able to find my true enlightenment. I am now even further than I could of ever imagined not studying seminary at all, but learning and embracing my true  African (Yourba) 

spirituality. I have discovered the knowledge of self and my Ancestors. I have recently returned from the beautiful   Yorubaland and I have you to thank for that. I appreciate all that you do.

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