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A bundle pack to dive deeper into the SELF. 

  • The Fog is gone
  • The Self


The fog is gone:

Temel Karango gives soul shattering insight into his experience as a devout Christian pastor having his entire faith disrupted by truth concerning his beliefs in his debut book The Fog is Gone. Herein is a controversial biographical sketch of this ex-pastor’s journey of moving past Christian dogma to spiritual enlightenment. Temel gives vulnerable vision into his many life excursions surrounding his faith and family, and vividly brings the reader along with him in his various stages in life. You will be intrigued by the author’s voyages that take unexpected twist and turns, with an unparalleled conscious conclusion. A definite must read for anyone finding uncertainty in their faith, or curious about such a shocking life transformation.


The Self:

The Self brings you home, revealing a map to your inner world. In the turning pages, you will experience multiple positive and powerful life transformations. When you complete The Self, you will be able to answer life’s most difficult questions such as, “Who am I?” and “What is my life’s purpose?”

Bundle pack

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